Event managment

We organize and conduct dozens of various events throughout the year. We know what are they key ingredients required for your event, meeting, conference or promotion to be successful.

Combination of our skills with organizing corporate events, facilitation and moderation of meetings and public relations and media appearance coordination will make your message stand out and your events dynamic, precise and bold.

Detailed preparation for dynamic events!

Event organization is a demanding tasks. It’s necessary to find adequate location, accommodation, food, entertainment, and most importantly, program which will keep the attention of all participants. We can organize the most unusual events and promotions, with event agenda, scenario, deadlines and responsibilities, modern technical support, decoration, catering and hosting. In accordance to the agreement, we can also prepare the final report and evaluation of event or promotion with photo documentation or press-clippings.



Make your corporate events – be it branded content, annual strategic planning or organization of conferences – interactive and interesting. Our approach to event management is different because we know that your message is too important to be lost in badly organized events.

For You we create, prepare and conduct:

  • special corporative events, themed ceremonies, anniversaries and internal celebrations focused on strengthening team spirit and sharing company mission and vision with employees
  • conferences, seminars and round tables
  • international conferences and webinars
  • events for your marketing and PR strategies
  • promotional events and branded content for consumers (launching new products and services with style)
  • special events which include engagement of famous person from world of movies, music, sport and other aspects of public life, with the goal of increasing brand awareness
  • promotional actions on different locations: Take Your Brand on the Road!

Internal events

Corporative ceremonies, anniversaries, New Year’s parties and so forth are coming back with style! Their goal is to motivate and inspire employees, as a key part of company success. It's important for team members to feel important and united. Those moments are ideal for sharing corporative messages. We help you create optimal content which is motivating and engaging for every participant!

Employees feel inspired when they know in which direction the company is developing. When they see the effort in organizing events just for them, they feel appreciated and engaged. TBA PRO: team can assist you in creating events in which the participants will bond with company cores and values. This approach truly transforms companies, when atmosphere becomes engaging and energy starts flowing. For your business, nothing is more important than this.

Our capacities

We are a team of experienced professionals in various segments of corporative communication development and strategic internal and external communication. Our team is consisted of trainers and facilitators, event managers and PR managers with long standing experience in BiH, Croatia, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. We deliver our services on Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian, English and German language.

TBA PRO: team will meet your company and learn about your goals to ensure flawless execution of desired activities.

Our approach to event management:

1. Development of creative ideas

We BRING purposeful ideas for achieving event goals

We DESIGN new, creative and innovative programs tailored by individual needs

We PREPARE strategies, messages, visual design, copywriting and custom made content for events

We INSPIRE participants at events

2. Event production

We USE tested and productive approaches which are adjusted to the framework and specific needs

We DELIVER quality, detailed and precise service

We are FOCUSED on your business policy and goals

We PLAN because we ACT proactive and responsible to ensure best business solutions for your company.

3. Flawless execution

Efficient event management requires detailed preparation of all logistic requirements before, during and after the event.

Designing, preparing and creating invitations, registration lists, arranging location, food and drinks, decoration, technical staff, travel coordination and accommodation of participants and all post-event communication – we will handle it for you.

4. Fun program

Special events require engagement of key speakers and presenters, experienced entertainers, best technicians, inspired musicians, talented actors, experienced hosts, successful athletes and new talents as well.

TBA PRO: team possesses vast knowledge of entertainment industry in country and region. Contact us and together we can create a program which will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

5. Final processing

Do you wish to have beautiful memories from your corporate event in the form of video and audio material, photos, or promotional messages from the event in digital and print medias? Social medias too? No problem!

We will connect you with best companies in the region which offer video and audio production, digital, mobile and technological solutions which will ensure flawless event and its post-production.

You need professional support with organization of corporative events, internal ceremonies, conferences or promotions? Interested in our experience and portfolio?

We are also available for facilitation and moderation of business meetings and strategic planning. Contact us for more information, recommendations, ideas and solutions.