Facilitation and moderation

Who has time for unproductive and boring meetings? We certainly don’t!

Even your most dedicated employees will shut down after a long meeting. Annual planning, business meetings, innovation plans, monthly follow-ups etc. can be interactive and interesting!

Our approach is different because we know that your message is too important to be lost in yawning.

TBA PRO: believes that conferences and meetings should be creative hives of activity and interactivity.

Optimal meetings

Good facilitation and moderation will make your meetings interactive in a way which will not only grab the attention of every participant, but also unlock their creative potential. Successful meetings are those which employees leave inspired and wanting to share their experiences and ideas with others.

TBA PRO: team of facilitators and moderators will make sure that your meetings are effective. If they're too long, and conversation is a one way street, participants focus will drop down and information will be lost.

It is clear that organizing conferences and meetings is an expensive ordeal. It is necessary to find adequate space, location, food and possibly, entertainment program. But unfortunately, not enough attention is given to the content of the meetings. We believe that focus on meeting agenda and content is the key factor. We can help you create contents which are optimal, engaging and motivating for everyone involved!

On internal meetings, employees feel inspired if they know the direction company is taking. When they see the effort it took to organize meetings just for them, they feel appreciated and involved. We can help you with this type of meetings, where participants will connect with goals and values of companies. This approach transforms companies because work atmosphere is stimulating, teams are connecting and energy is flowing. For a successful business, nothing is more important!

You manage the content, we manage the work process.

If you're planning annual strategic meetings, changes in business, introducing novelties or simply a monthly follow up, we're available to manage work processes so you can focus on the content. If you want engaged participants which are learning new skills, it's necessary to create a stimulating atmosphere for interactive learning.

To adopt new skills, participants must be:

  1. interested in the content
  2. actively involved in discovering practical tools and techniques used in workshops
  3. using new skills at the workplace

Internal meetings and conferences are a chance for open and constructive discussion, team work and planning, stating opinions about plans and plans consequences, and focusing on group work for achieving common company goals.

Strategic annual planning

For systematic approach to successful annual planning, TBA PRO: developed workshop “Annual strategic planning” which is consisted from two basics steps:

  1. Strategic annual planning: preparation and realization of meetings
  2. Conducting strategic plans: monitoring, control and evaluation

Interested in our experience and portfolio? Have additional questions? Or simply seeking help with organization, facilitation and moderation of meetings, conferences and strategic planning? Contact us for recommendations, ideas and solutions.