Research in United Kingdom shows that one of four new employees leaves the company within the first two years. On average, it takes 18 months for a new team member to acclimate to the workplace. Losing these employees in the first two years is very costly, and it doesn't happen only in United Kingdom. This is an increasing trend all over the world.

TBA PRO: agency ensures quality consultant services in areas of internal and external communication. Our focus is strengthening skills and performance of human resources, as a very important part of every business.


with you every step of the way!

Two hours or two days, 20 or 120 participants – it doesn't matter – TBA PRO: can fulfil all your requirements. Through our process we will meet your company and learn about your goals. After that, our professional staff will make sure everything works out flawlessly!

Contact us, and in accordance to your needs, goals and planned budget, we will assist you with selecting optimal program.
Afterwards, we will tailor it to the needs of your team and location.
If desired, we can take over all organizational and technical details between your organization, facilitator, trainer, participants and training location.
We guarantee flawless delivery of training programs and accomplishment of all determined goals...
...which will put a smile on your face.

Our process is very simple, transparent, and produces results!

Our portfolio of over 60 products offers a unique journey outside the work routine. Experience our fun, creative and educational programs and choose the most suited one for your needs, or combine different programs into one. Meet our products!

Questions and answers

  • Why does my company need team building?
    Leading local, regional and world companies are our clients which recognize the importance of team building programs. (dm drogerie market, Unilever, m:tel, Salveo, Banjalučka pivara, Jagermeister, Novo Nordisk, GSK, Unicredit bank, Avon, Sparkasse Bank, Viro Šećerana, UNDP, Swiss Embassy in BiH, OSCE, PwC, World Bank, IFC, OSCE, PETROL…) Team building creates teams from individuals and improves company loyalty. Employees first need to believe in the company - users and customers come after that.
  • What is the difference between team building and team bonding?
    Specially developed activities which lead not only to team cohesion, but also develop methods for team functioning and team work, create a key difference between professional team building and team bonding (various sport activities, trips and corporate parties). Everything is taken into account while planning team building: background of participants, age, gender, work experience in the company etc. Our clients recognize the value of not only bonding, but also from connecting with company mission and vision. Continuous team building helps with raising awareness about worker value for the company.
  • What does team building solve?
    Most common problems within companies are bad and inadequate communication between departments, not being able to comprehend different process and activities inside company, inefficient work procedures, missing deadlines and frequent interventions from superiors. These issues lead to waste of resources, decrease position on the market and lead to bad corporative image. Companies often pay external counselling which finds and defines these problems, but afterward offer only suggestions, not solutions. Our team building programs offer relevant solutions for these issues.
  • What are the main strategies and benefits of team building?
    Successful companies are those which enable participants to feel as important members of the work community. Team building enables participants to experience company success as their own, which leads to more effort from employees at work. Research shows that there's 80% less chance for employees in these companies to quit or ask for a transfer. Statistic shows that employees in these companies also work outside the workhours, since they view their own identity as a part of the company. Other benefits from team building programs are: prioritizing, creating work plans, successful communication, leadership skills, decision making, efficiency and so on.
  • My company doesn’t have big number of employees. We are a small or medium company and everyone knows each other. What are the benefits for business of this size?
    Team building programs showed most valuable precisely for small and middle companies. Small team requires 100% effort all the time. In companies with 400 people, 10% inefficiency is acceptable, but in company with 30 employees it is not. Studies show that from 8 work hours, the average employee gives (only!) 3 to 5 hours of effective work. Rest of the time is wasted on bad communication, waiting for other departments, inability to make decisions, bad priorities and so on. Team building improves work efficiency, and after our training employees show better usage of work time, with 6 to 8 hours of effective work.