Team work moves mountains. Dedicated teams are unstoppable forces working towards a common goal.

Give yourself and your employees time together to relax, laugh and at the same time test and improve valuable skills for team and company success. Research shows that teams which share company goals and mission are more efficient and productive.

Participants require interesting atmosphere which they will enjoy, stimulating challenges and relevant outcomes for building efficient teams on the workplace. Our team building programs offer interesting and engaging team challenges which require focus and active involvement of participants.

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Developing team

TBA PRO: organizes carefully selected professional trainings and day away programs adjusted to the processes inside your team. We created new and modern software team building simulation, “4 DIRECTIONS” which represent the future of team building programs and can challenge your teams in new and unique ways. We are also licensed partners of leading British team building company – Sandstone (, whose programs are available in Bosnia and Herzegovina and region because of this. We are pioneers of professional team building in BiH. We continuously redefine team building experience thanks to our unique and innovative approach to developing internal and team cooperation.


Our experience shows that company teams are often consisted from employees of different company units, or different work experiences, age, interests and education. Our team building programs develop communication skills, decision making and delegating, guiding participants through unusual situations and creative projects which are developed in relaxed atmosphere. This ensures undisturbed flow of two way communication. We offer groups unique opportunity to „escape“ the usual work environment, share new experiences and improve moral.

Concept and inspiration

While developing our programs we were guided with the goal that team building programs need to develop communication skills (positive internal communication as a motivating factor in work processes), project team work and cooperation with involved parties during the project cycles (developing and maximizing group synergy), decision making and delegating (negotiating, conflict management, time management, project coordination), but also realizing and accepting the fact that team success is achieved through individual contribution and efficiency, and that developing loyalty is closely connected with togetherness and common goals, mission and values. We were also guided by one more goal – having FUN in a relaxed atmosphere outside the work environment.

Work methodology


Team efficiency is conditioned by its methodology and interpersonal relations between team members.

There are numerous reasons why we believe that using complete and themed team building programs is relevant for team work. It's different, combines involvement and learning, and achieves different goals.

Our workshops test individual and team methodology equally, leaving a lasting impression on participants and demanding the same mechanisms needed in daily work, but also the usage of unusual „tools“ for identifying work methods that need improving.

When we talk about developing PEOPLE in teams as the main postulate of human resource management, it's is necessary to gain insight in:

  • Five phases of team functioning
  • Team roles (self-evaluation of individual contribution to team work)
  • Managing team effectiveness
  • Consensual decision making
  • Determining priorities

All programs offer true challenges and occupy participants from the initial moment to the very end. And when we add the fun atmosphere of our programs, investing in team building has huge benefits for companies.