Every company and organization has its corporate identity, image and reputation. Good corporate communication – internal and external is a crucial instrument for developing good relations between company and its target audience. Communication influences identity, image and company reputation. This secures good position on the market. Bad corporate communication destroys it!

We help professionals manage their business connections and professional reputation through our trainings of corporate communication. Improve your cooperation with others, reduce conflicts, improve partnership – and all that in less time!

Communication process

Through our programs of professional development for internal and external communication, we help you truly understand the needs of key partners in this process. We give guidance during creation and implementation of strategic communication plan and help you master key concepts, tools and techniques which will help you build real trustworthy relationships and sustainable business results without wasting your budget!

With TBA PRO: trainings and consultations, you will use internal and external communication to improve business, reputation and organization image.

Improving internal communication

Business success begins with good internal communication. Good communication between employees is the FOUNDATION of successful and efficient company. Improving internal communication increases information flow on the work place, which also improves work efficiency. Quality internal communication in company ensures:

  • Clear information flow
  • Positive working atmosphere
  • Increased moral and motivation
  • Improved interpersonal relations between employees
  • Helps companies grow – your staff is important source of information and ideas
  • Ensures better service

Successful company is the one where employees respect and believe in company values and constantly meet company criteria’s. In a sense, internal communication is the front line in the battle for clients.

The goal of our communication trainings is to learn that establishing good communication is a responsibility of every employee.

What will you learn on our trainings?

External communications / public relations

Successful communication is the basis of every business transaction and successful business relation, and it’s necessary to continuously maintain and improve this segment of company business. Areas of our external communication training are:

Corporate communication development strategies

Well thought corporate communication strategy (internal and external) will greatly help with achieving companies corporate goals. Organized and functional channels of communication inside the company secure fast and efficient flow of information between employees, which is crucial for business success.

Our programs offer excellent platforms on which to develop key skills needed for quality structural internal and external communication strategy. Trainings are specifically designed to help human resource management department and public relations. At the same time, teams are trained to evaluate communication strategies outcomes to secure constant improvement.

Trainings focused on planning and strategizing plans for internal and external communication are focused on:

  • importance of corporative communication strategy
  • ensuring that it supports and encourages positive changes
  • integrating communication strategy in business plan
  • strategic development elements
  • evaluation of strategy efficiency

What are the benefits of TBA PRO: communication trainings?

Our interactive workshops represent the combination of practical exercises and theoretical inputs. Theory sessions are accompanied with exercises which allow participants to practically use acquired knowledge. Methodology we use is small groups, case studies, structural discussion and ideas sharing.

Through our training:

  • participants learn what is expected from their superiors, colleagues and clients
  • people talk with each other, not about each other
  • participants talk during meetings, not at „meetings after meetings” (coffee breaks)
  • every employee is considered responsible for company results
  • teams cooperation increases and conflicts decreases
  • participants learn about taking control of their own professional reputation

Successful communication is fluid, dynamic, interactive and memorable. It's the key factor in professional relationships and professional reputation of every company and organization!

Contact us to learn about key concepts, techniques, theories and skill required for effective internal and external communication.