Public relations

Do you want to create and maintain positive reputation and receive understanding and support from your target audience? TBA PRO: team will help you develop, maintain and improve your market position and reputation.

Maintaining good relations with the public is a constant, continuous work which includes creating and maintaining good will and mutual understanding between organization and target audiences.

Corporate communications

Blogs, media statements, public reports, newsletter, comments... it's hard to push your message on today’s market full of different adverts and ads. In a communication environment which is constantly evolving, successful PR campaigns are of vital importance for business success.

Creating interesting content is a long term process and it's not easy to master this discipline of generating exciting, informative and thoughtful content. How much daily time do you have for writing and creating new posts for your blog, website and medias, which will also comply with the standards of marketing strategies in your organization? TBA PRO: team can generate thoughtful new ideas for your PR campaign because we create creative and professional content!

Thanks to excellent knowledge of media market in BiH and region, which is a key necessity for successful communication strategy with local and national medias, TBA PRO: is focused on:

  • developing thoughtful public relation strategies with accent on medias and social networks
  • creating organization identity
  • developing and maintaining positive reputation and image
  • increasing the volume and authority of your voice
  • coordination of corporative appearances in the public, medias and between clients and employees
  • creating good business communication with key medias and other target audiences
  • planning successful media stories
  • creating unforgettable corporate events
  • activating communities

We also offer Business-to-Business-PR and Business-to-Consumer-PR. B2B-PR entails communication and public relations between companies, while B2C-PR is based on communication between companies, product and service users.

Relations with Medias in PR strategies

When dealing with medias, it's important to have a strategic plan. Here in TBA PRO: we understand how medias operate, because we have direct work experience with different medias in BiH, Germany and Austria. Also, we are aware of the importance of proactive and reactive approach.

We firmly believe that achieving outstanding media coverage doesn't necessarily lead to successful PR campaigns! We will learn your business goals so we can create custom made strategies which involve medias in the best possible way. It's not enough to know the medias, it's necessary to have deep understanding of company values, strategic plan of organization development and marketing initiatives which follow your activities and market trends.

TBA Thanks to our expertise, TBA PRO: can guide you with PR campaign results in medias and social networks so we can ensure positive influence on your company business together.

Working with medias entails writing notifications and business reports for public, themed texts for different type of medias, blogs, brochures, fliers, newsletters and website content, public speeches and biographies. We are also organizing theme planning, media conferences, round tables, redaction visits and reporter trips. We can help you answer reporters’ questions, organize interviews, create media invites and acquire photo documentation...

Following medias consist of analysing media reports and delivering quantity and quality analysis of media response to PR campaigns. With this, we can evaluate contribution of PR campaign to the company.

Social networks

Social medias are becoming an important fact of smart business strategies. Creating communication strategies on Facebook is equally important as business plans. Because if you're not participating on social networks, you’re already a few years behind your business competitors. This mechanism leads to new business opportunities, and its channels connect you with global professional network.

Internal communications

Internal communication focused on company employees can also be considered as public relations.

Good internal communication:

  • helps create positive working atmosphere;
  • improves moral and motivation;
  • helps organization grow – your staff is an important source of information and ideas;
  • enables better service to clients/users.

TBA PRO: programs help with developing, strengthening and maintaining good internal communication with employees, a sense of belonging, trust and involvement in core values of the company.

TBA PRO: acts in the following communication areas with target audiences:

  • Relations with employees: focused on present, but also past and future associates
  • Relations with medias: focused on representatives of mass medias
  • Public sector relations: targeted towards decision makers in politics and public services
  • Relations with investors: focused on circles with interest capital
  • Relations with communities: focused on neighbours in communities
  • Promotion of products: focused on users and potential users of product and services
  • Content management: improving communication on specific subjects
  • Crisis management: regulates critical situations in communication and damage prevention
  • Corporate identity: creates communication identity and supports its public actions

Successful communication is dynamic, interactive and remarkable!

TBA PRO: team generates thoughtful PR campaign ideas.

TBA PRO: also offers various programs for increasing internal communication. Are you interested in our trainings from areas of internal and external corporate communications? Look at our programs and contact us, together we will chose the best possible solution for your needs.